Monday, April 30, 2012

Ahem, ahem. Der-da-doooh! Announcing the official officiality of this here blog, as of Monday April the 30th. I, Kateri Ransom, creator of said Blog, would like to, i guess, for creating it. Oh and google too because that's the convenient little search engine that led me too said Blog. And, what the hey, my cat, who's sitting pensively by my side, gazing profoundly at my carpet. She...adds to the hominess atmosphere, which is like the sole purpose of having a little cenial old kitty right?
Ahem, ahem. Enjoy Blog.
Aaaand, it's one post.
It's a poem.
Ok, bear with me.
I'm new.

Welcome to my blog, Da Polka Bot
This is my rhyme for you
I’m not too clever or funny or hot
Except under the Cali sun, and that’s so TRUE

The summer, it calls me to try new things
So this blog I created Monday last
I can be persnickety as heck, is that surprising?
So now I am posting the Monday past

So I guess I’ll be brief, I don’t like to brag
I’m just hoping you’ll like my inner sight.
Because rhyming is hard, I don’t know how to tag,
So from now on I’ll just normally write.

This blogger, she’s new, all shiny and clean
Please visit whenever you like
I will not bite, if you know what I mean
And now let Da Polka Bot take flight!

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  1. Yay...a Kateri blog! I'm excited, and will look forward to your installments!

    With love,