Monday, September 3, 2012

Left Alone

My family went away to Monterey for this labor day weekend.
And what did I do?
I decided if my little brother, commonly known as Lantern, was bringing his little gf along, then I was not coming because they were getting a hotel and therefore the bed situation was just off enough to be awkward.
And I wanted silence.
So away they went.
And at home I stayed.

Got off to a great start on Saturday with my dad's famous ebelskivers, basically little pancake balls.
(Cake pops eat your heart out!)

These awesome oxfords came in the mail along with those jeans, another pair, and a new dress all from Delia's! My mom loved those shoes so much she bought a pair for herself.
(My dog Spinner also makes his debut here on Da Polka Bot. He's rockin his summer haircut one last time.)
Because I like to take advantage of every chance I have to hang with my better-bookish-half, Emily Sterner, and because I am too much of a wimp to sleep in my big empty home alone, Emily and I did a little late night baking of peanut butter cookie dough brownies. Trust me, this recipe is not for the brownie faint of hearted. I am the sugar thriller-seeker of the two of us and getting down two pieces of these had me nearly wishing I hadn't...
that's nearly wishing, of course.

I buckled down and made sure my dad and I got this project done on Monday: new shelves! I'm so excited to have some of my books present in my room again! Plus lots more room on my dresser.
The books you see are all my favorites (aka the "I wish I had written these" booklist). Of course, all the rest of my beloved Harry Potter are being lent out currently, so sadly some of these will have to go. But not really as I'm bringing back the big bookshelf next weekend.
I've also shown a few of my little antique treasure finds. I try to collect vintage tins right now and I'm using them mostly to hold my jewelry.
 And do you see the colorful little bag in the last shot? THAT'S my new Hello Kitty dance bag.
Here's to time spent alone!
Here's to personal space for Kateri!
Here's to wonderful, long weekends!!!


  1. Sounds like it was delicious in more ways than one!

  2. Oops...the "unknown" above was me, Bev!

  3. The shelves look awesome!

    And I think we're both wimps. Both of us had mini-panic attacks when Daisy hit the door. lol!