Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Performance of the Season

Thursday was my first performance of the season!
And it was fantastic!
Here is a list
(because I'm feeling a lack of lists on this blog...and I like them)
of what it was about this performance that stuck out.
1. Outside park. The place where I once did an anual recital as a seven year old and an eight year old and so on and I had two dances in an itchy frilly fake tutu and we had to stay in two straight lines and I was always the tallest so I was in the back and I mooched all the cool snacks off of my friends because my mom would only pack me a banana and yogurt and other icky, healthy things.
Of course, this performance was a far cry from those performances.
2. Group of hot shirtless boys running, wherein we all waved and batted our heavily mascaraed eye-lashes and one of us (not me) went and got better acquainted with. They said they would come to the show, but I never found out if they did or not. Needless to say that bit was highly entertaining.
3. Extremely hot sun glaring down on us.
4. Dirt on our pointe shoes and THE HOTTEST EVER tent as a changing room.
Beggers can't be choosers.
5. Crazy nerves, especially while waiting as our Artistic Director gives his long speech while we wait in anticipation, "Let's get this started already!"
Note: There is no escaping this torture at these kind of CWB performances.
6. Old dance floor that's akin to dancing on a trampoline. Note: this is not a good thing.
7. Great, fantastic, inspiring performances and choreography from everyone!
8. Cute little girls in tutus who dance around in the audience...and consequentially steal the show.
9. Best finale ever!!!
10. Friends and fellowship at the after party. And some seriously delicious soup and bread!

My good dancer buddy Amy and I.
Hopefully I'll have more photos for you from my next show. I always try to get some good behind the scenes shots, but taking photos in general can be hard when the craziness of a show is underway. Thanks to everyone who was a part of Ballet in the Park and who came to watch and support!
Here's to dancing like no one's watching when everyone's watching!
Here's to live shows!
(Because they are AWESOME!)
Here's to a new season of dance!!!

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