Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Announcement!

It's time for...
An Announcement!
Hence the blog post title.
Can't you feel the sudden change in atmosphere? The hum of anticipation?
Jimmy, look!
There's an announcement!
Well here it is folks. I have been waiting in earnest to tell this to the world, mostly because I have more exciting things than one going on right now, but more on that later...hopefully.
My announcement is
Yeah I basically woke up one melancholy, winter morning and said to myself, "I think I shall write a book. Yes, I shall write a book about a girl. I think it will be groundbreaking!"
Ok, don't go puking in the trash bin already. Because I'm totally joshing. Well, about the last part. I really did write a book, but it was not some whimsical fancy of mine that I sought a means and end to in anything that could be called a "short period of time." Here's the story:
Like so many other cool kids, I fell in love with Harry Potter and caught the book nerd bug and, well, the rest is history. But I had always been a story teller. My vessels, however, always differed, whether it was dance choreography, play acting, writing, telling, pretending, or just good old fashioned day dreaming. So when the terrible reality that J K Rowling was not going to be busting out those novels every two years for the rest of my life hit, I got straight with myself and said, "Kateri, this is a very serious matter. You must take on this responsibility yourself and see that all your fantastical imaginary needs are met as you enter this treacherously icky land called teenagerdom." Hence, my book was born. And literally, it was a book. It was originally written in a little leather-bound journal I bought and now the whole thing is nearly filled up, which showcases about six years of work. Now, not to say that I have my entire book in that old journal. it's all neat and tidy on a word document. Eventually I came to realize that my story, which grew pretty far from the original Harry Potter inspiration that it started out as, needed a more permanent and user-friendly home. But I'd use the journal for thoughts and organizing and stuff. 
My Pinterest page has it titled as The Land of Skies, but that is only one contender. The original, and my personal favorite, is The Quarry and Her Crow. But who knows how that's going to go?
And so now it's done, which is an even longer story, but really that's all that matters. And I am very, very happy.
And of course nervous!
Because there is a lot left to do. 
This is only the tip of the ice berg for me, as it would be for any hopeful debut writer.
Better wish me luck!

And here's a little taste into what my book is about.
No specifics, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.

(And if you feel like following my other pages, take this as an official invitation!)

And three of the most influential songs that got me through this whole ordeal. Though believe me, there were many others, mostly piano and instrumental. Enjoy!

Song of Simplicity, Elijah Bossenbroek


In the Sea, Ingrid Michaelson

Here's to accomplishments!
Here's to good music that helps make good books!
Here's to the daydreamers, who make their dreams a reality. Well, as close to a reality as you can get!!!


  1. So I never commented on this. So I'll go ahead and fangirl now.