Thursday, November 1, 2012

Boo! Oh Yeah, and NaNo

         So just a quick check in today because guess what? I really should be writing right now. Because I'm doing NaNo this year? Well no, not really. You see, I signed up, my best friend is doing it, but I really can't this year (I've never done it before either) because I am currently on the last legs of my very first WIP. Ever. The only info on it I can let out now is that this is my baby, but it's also sort of my teenager. Basically, I have been working on this little darling for about seven years it's really not so little anymore. This summer marked the point in my life that I was finally able to knuckle down and get to bidness! And I have been. School has certainly gotten in the way, but I'm working through it. And guess what? Today is November! So thousands--maybe more perhaps?--of people are writing their own babies and finishing them as well. Perhaps with all my hours of school and dance and church responsibilities I can justly say that the playing field is somewhat evened out. I don't know. But I will be gunning down just like the rest of you crazy pandas this month and RACING  to the finish line. My goal? First draft, done, finished, completed, finis, by the end of November. I'm jumpin' on the bandwagon folks...sorta. Let's buckle our seat belts and rev those engines.

Vrumm, vrumm!!!

Here's to craziness, sheer MADNESS!
Here's to pandas...yeah I was just feelin that one there for some reason...!
Here's to writers...and dreams...and all things in between!!!

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