Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Latest Three

No food post this Sunday.
I'm under the weather for now so I thought it best to stay away from anything communal, especially when it will end up in the internal system of its consumers.
So instead I've decided to start a new blog series here on Da Polka Bot
The latest three books I've read:
Something Strange and Deadly, Susan Dennard
LOVED the characters! LOVED the romance! LOVED the ending!
This was more of a recommendation read for me (my best friend is kind of obsessed with zombies) but I'm so glad I read it! One of my favorites of the year probably!
The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, Chris Colfer
Chris Colfer did such a great job with this debut novel! The twins were expertly written and so were all the fairytale characters. I would have been a HUGE fan of this kind of thing when I was little. I would have spent days thinking about the land of stories, putting myself into my own adventures meeting princesses and escaping fearesome witches. Five stars, from this reader! Especially since it made me both laugh and cry...on more than one occassion.
(Oh, and did I mention I got to meet him too and have my copy signed!)

Throne of Glass, Sarah J. Maas
First off, I just love this author's story. I love watching all those Youtube videos where she is crying incessantly and just doesn't care because her dream is coming true! She's an inspiration in that way and though I wasn't a FictionPress reader I loved watching the story come to life in the second half of her journey to publication. This story paid testament to that. I loved Celeana's character. So much vulnerability and strength in one body, and I truly believed every word of it. Plus, a fantastic love triangle and some intense world building, all well done.
Note: I am very persnickety with love triangles.
I also recently received the latest installment from Mrs. Stiefvater, one of my absolute favorite authors! And I say this having not yet finished all of the Shiver trilogy and not yet having started her Lament series* Honestly, The Scorpio Races was enough to put her in that category. I've already started it of course, and I'm pretty sure I'll have it finished by the time I get to see her in person...
more on that later.

Here's to soup!
(I think you know why)
Here's to the first of fall!
Here's to books, books, books!!!
*That's a long, complicated story...



    Dude, this is a rockin' post. I'm excited to read The Wishing Spell. I've decided that The Raven Boys has to come first, though. Gotta be prepared for that signing!

  2. I concur. But Wishing Spell after that!

  3. It's really lovely book review<3
    wanna follow each other maybe?