Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Happenings--With Style!

 So I had a pretty good Easter!
How about you?
I like to celebrate with style.
Wearing a vintage fifties prom dress my good friend gave me and Liz Claiborne champagne flats, of which I've had since I was a sophomore. Truly good things never stop being good.

And lots and lots of pastel...and deviled eggs.

 And at my church, we celebrate a bang!

Here's to rebirth...of whatever kind you believe in!
Here's to the beginning of spring!
Here's to a great reason to use CONFETTI!!!


  1. Some really neat photos on here:) I def feel spring as a rejuvenating time of year:)

    1. yes! it needs to. We're getting the oh-so-typical April showers right now.