Friday, March 1, 2013

The Birthday Post

It's time for the Birthday Post!
My first one too.
I'm so excited to have turned twenty!
It's strange, but not strange.
And it's awesome, though I still act like a twelve year old sometimes.
But I also act like an 87 year old at other times.
So I guess age is but a number.
Which is a good way to think about age, if you ask me.
So this is my birthday post.

This is my family dinner at Tresettis's in Modesto. GREAT FOOD!!! Bought my birthday outfit thrifting in Santa Cruz and got another opportunity to wear my prom shoes. So yay!

And here is Santa Cruz. My cousin (shown above) went with me to visit my other cousin for a couple days. It was grand!

This giant cookie had oat, chocolate chips, caramel, and pretzels. I grovelled at its feet crumbs.

Here's to Birthdays (and Birthday Posts)!
Here's to my Twenties!
Here's to another year living, no matter the number!!!

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