Saturday, March 30, 2013


There's that feeling you get at the top of a mountain. You can't get it at the top of a tree. Or a rooftop. Or the top of a roller coaster even. No, you can only get it, that feeling that you're truly, wonderfully on top of the world, on a mountaintop.
So you're on the mountain, way up high, where the earth meets the sky, literally, and lets say this mountain is covered with snow. Since it's iced in white, the light nearly blinds you, which makes things even more surreal.  You realize how vast the world truly is. How, at the very top of this mountain, you can see hundreds of miles of the earth at one moment in time, but, really, you can't see that much of it at all. Hopefully that's not a depressing thought to you, because it shouldn't be. Mountaintops should never be depressing.
They do point up, after all.

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