Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm Back!

In the many moons since I last saw you guys
I have accomplished many things that before then had only been the stuff of dreams
Well, now those things have become a reality.
I've since finished school at my little junior college in Modesto and moved my butt on down to Camarillo,
which is about an hour away from Santa Barbara,
which is where I will finish up my jc education
until I can transfer to another fun school in the SoCal area.
The minor detail of exactly where I'll be transferring to is still up for trial,
but as they say,
details, details...
Anyway, I'm looking forward to a long summer of...
pool side time
June gloom (the typical SoCal fog that always appears around June)
getting a job
being away from family and friends :(
being away from my adorable doggies, double :(
planning yummy things to eat for my grandpa, R2, and  his wife, The Biologist, whom I now live with
my own rooooooom!!!
beach time (it's 20 minutes away!)
day trips with the Biologist to Santa Barbara and Ojai...maybe even LA
trips to our cabin
finding a way to figure out this college thing on my own
lots and lots of READING!!!
lots and lots of WRITING!!!
a new project that does not involve writing--more on that later
skyping with parents, a little strange but I'll get used to it
getting all my best friends' butts out here to visit
convincing Henry, The Biologist's cat, to love me
and most excitedly...COMIC CON!!!

But for now here are a few pics
And a latest three is also coming your way!

 Me and my cousin, Missa, on my moving day!

My Artistic Director, Rene Daveluy, and my Ballet Mistress and teacher, Leslie Larson after my last performance with Central West Ballet. Two beautiful people I will never forget.

Here's to a big change!
Here's to a leap of faith!
Here's to everything in the world that has blessed and shaped me into the person I am today!!!


  1. Welcome back! And congrats on all the changes. Big life decisions, like college, are important, but I love the way you are looking at it: things will work out and there's no need to stress too much. I think when we allow ourselves time to mull options over without too much stress and pressure, our hearts can more easily tell us what we need. At least, that's what I'm hoping with having just finished graduate school and looking for a job. I sometimes need to remember your attitude about these big decisions. :) good luck with everything!

    1. Well thank you for such wonderful words of encouragement. I shall not forget them! :)