Monday, June 17, 2013

Charge the Beach

We'll go charge the beach
We'll go Run, Run, Run,
over every little piece of shell
crunchy, soft,
caught in the curls on our head
between the prickle of our eyelashes

We'll go splash in the spike of the waves
hop-scotch over white froth
mouths hungry, peppered with salt
take one more step

sand falls from beneath you
froth gurgles, churns, turns back to you
swallows up your toes, cold
sun breaks through what's left of you
wind pulls you back together again

We'll go charge the beach

We'll go yell at the horizon
Beat the waves to the swallowing
Swallow it up ourselves
Drink, Drink, Drink
Now we are the same
Now we can lie down
Now we can stay

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