Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Latest Three

Hello everyone!
I have been quite indisposed for the past few weeks
I dunno, perhaps my absence covers both June and July.
But that's beside the point I suppose.
I'm here now and I've got a review of the last three books I've read.
So here goes!

The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan
I finished this one around early June and I so wish I had it with me so I could put in some good quotes from it, which isn't something I often do. However, if I were able, I would. If you've heard a review about this book before then you've likely heard something about Tan's affinity for storytelling and, boy, is that a well deserved statement. You have to understand, I love language. It's the first thing that got me into reading and writing, probably more so than plot. This book definitely fits that category. There's very little plot in place of the opportunity to delve deeply into the lives of these Chinese women from multiple generations. The stories, especially I feel the ones from the past, are enchanting, gripping in a way that doesn't have you sitting on the edge of your seat but rather feeling as if you have fallen into a dream, one of longing, sorrow, history, culture, color, and, of course, joy. Not a fast read for me, but then again I hardly noticed, which is a good thing. My mom's favorite Amy Tan novel is The Kitchen God's Wife, so I'm definitely looking forward to that one.

The Shadow Cats, Rae Carson
I actually had no idea that Rae Carson was doing these series of e-novellas based on the world of her GoFaT trilogy, which is one of my most favorite trilogies to date at the moment...CAN'T WAIT FOR THE BITTER KINGDOM TO COME OUT!!!!! This story, however, is told from the perspective of the main character, Elisa's, sister, who is the crown princess of Orovalle. It was awesome to get perspective not only from a character we've thus far only seen through one lens, but who also is both kick-butt and flawed at the same time. It's a super quick read and so worth-it for Carson's fans. You'll gobble it up in one sitting. For those of you who haven't introduced yourselves to Carson's so far two-part AH-MAZ-ING trilogy...DO IT. FIRST. Then get back to me and we'll talk that story and then you can treat yourself by reading this one. Capisce? 
K, awesome.
Oh! And before I forget. She's also got two others, one from Mara's perspective and one from...uh...HECTOR'S!!!!

Leviathan, Scott Westerfield-Author, Keith Thompson-Illustrator
Now this book is likely going to make it to the top 10 FAVORITES of my 2013 reading list. What I'd like to call a really memorable read and also a really fun one. I loved the world that involved so many unique aspects like fabricated life forms, steam punk, WWI, and really well written and well developed characters. Not that I always like to differentiate between female and male readers, but I feel this book is a good one if you want to appeal to both genders, especially since it's told in alternating third person perspectives from the two main characters, Alek and Deryn. And boy is it awesome the way Westerfield interlaced these characters adventures. A really gripping, enjoyable, and--surprisingly--believable read all the way!!!
Can't wait to read the last two!!! Oh, and the illustrations? So great! They really enhanced the adventure and allowed me to get a great idea of what Westerfield's world was supposed to look like. Not distracting of my reader's creative license in the least, but rather, creative license inducing.

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