Thursday, October 3, 2013

Na-No Talk and Some Good News!

Management asks that you please ignore the lack of posts here within the blog.
We thank you for your understanding.


So the once a week blog post thing isn't quite working out as swimmingly as I had hoped it would. Partially due to the fact that I got some variation of a little bug several different times since school started. As well as taking the time to make some decent headway on editing. (I'm nearly through the first ten chapters!)
Heading into October, I am gearing up to become a bit friendlier with NaNo this fall as I'm putting my current editing project on the back-burner to collaborate with my better book-ish half, Emily, on an Anastasia Romanov re-telling. I'm handling most of the outlining, which is getting done this month, and we're teaming up starting Nov. 1st. With me still trying to chip away at editing and her working on another project of her own, it sure is going to be a busy month! But collectively I think we should hit the mark, and it'll be a big leap for me from last year where I believe I got just upwards of 10,000 words done. Hey, I was finishing up the first draft of the story I'd been working on for six years. You can only do so much at that point. 
Other than that, I'll be a bit busier because I got another job!!!
I have two jobs now, can you believe it? Went from nothing to nearly 30 hours a week in less than two months. However, I'm really super stoked about this one. It's at a clothing boutique downtown called Chapala and Parker. Small, quaint, chic, elegant, and not ridiculously overpriced. Plus with the first job I got, which allows me to catch up on writing blog posts at work, ahem ahem, I'd say I have a pretty sweet deal going on. I mean, seriously, I already got free clothes!!!

Well, that's all for now folks. I've got a Latest Three (Stiefvater takeover edition) coming your way soon and some other fun ideas I have in the works as well. See you soon, and for those of you who this applies to, happy Pre-Na-No-ing...
and for those of you that that doesn't apply to, happy...

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