Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to Business

So the reason for my slight absense has been due,
1. to travelling, see last post.
2. to getting four wisdom teeth pulled. :(

I had them out two thursdays ago and am doing pretty fine now. There was definately a point where the pain meds had me feeling quite icky and so I was not only unable to eat the foods one cannot eat after oral surgery, but also unable to eat even the mushy good stuff you're supposed to eat after oral surgery. Like pudding and jello and milkshakes. The reason: I couldn't eat sweet things. Gasp! Cry! Oh what a world, what a world!
But actually I didn't mind so much because, like I said, I was feeling the ick. Big time!
But anyway, a couple fifty bowls of mashed potatoes later I was good to get off those troublesome pain meds and just stick with the tylenol and ibuprofen. And now I'm eating a cookie as we speak! Pretty early in the day, but I was deprived so cut me a little slack.

Since then I have gone back to dance--no pics, sorry. Nothing really too exciting as of yet. Just a lot of sore muscles. Though we are starting a very cool, very different, project that I will tell you more about later. :)

I've also bought this product!

In light of a looming september, therefore fall, season I thought it a good idea to splurge a little and get this stuff that I've been hearing many good things about. And I can see why. Ever wonder why Blake Lively always looks like she just stepped off the beach? Yeah I'm pretty sure she uses this stuff. And I'm always looking for go-to hairproducts that mean I don't have to spend a ton of time in front of the mirror getting ready for school...yet still have cute hair.

I've been writing like crazy...more on that to come...hopefully.

I was able to make it back into the kitchen yesterday. I felt so at peace again, even if I was only doing a little side baking for my dad's family famous grilled chicken and sweet corn dinner, pretty much just what it sounds like, but I love it so much!

Turned out great!
But two notes:
1. Don't think that because it is a savory baked good you can use sprayed olive oil instead of good old canola oil...just because you feel like it. It actually doesn't work.
2. These say garlicky because they are very garlicky. The recipe calls for five cloves and I put in four because I happen to have some larger cloves in my kitchen, and even that was a bit too much for me. But if you do like really garlicky things, then by all means go for it!

I also bought these songs. Mostly to satisfy myself until I can buy the whole albums!

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift Album: Red

One More, Joshua Radin, Album: Underwater week leaft of summer break! Hopefully I can make it count...and not go too crazy trying to finish my current WIP. Actually, maybe I should go get to that right now. :)

Here's to modern medicine!
Here's to time at home!
Here's to time well spent during time at home!!!

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