Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Living Limitless

I am returned to my home in little Modesto, California and what a whirlwind this past weekend has been at the United Methodist Women's Limitless conference at Duke University in North Carolina. So many wonderful new opportunities and friends have presented themselves to me!
I got to meet my conference group from California/Nevada, aka CalNev--oh yes, the name caught on.

I have to say as of...perhaps...three weeks after I graduated high school (don't ask me how) I started to notice a difference between myself and others who had not yet graduated.
I felt older.
I felt I could not connect.
You might be scratching your head or you might be laughing at me because why whould I consider myself so matured when I'm only a few weeks out of high school?
But now I'm a whole year out of high school and I think I can say I definately notice a difference when around high schoolers (and I mean this in the nicest of ways, mind).
The point of this being, I was living with four high schoolers in my own conference and I did not notice a difference.
These girls were seriously awe-freaking-some!
I believe there was a moment after we all met up finally where one of us made a joke in a big group of other girls, and when the only ones who found it hilariously funny were the girls from CalNev, the ice was officially broken. We hit it off right away and we hit the ground running.
This past weekend was full of revelations and inspirations.
I now feel equipped to work with the United Methodist Women organization in the best way I possibly can. It might not be an easy road, but I feel it's one worth travelling.
And with the support from my fellow team mates, even if from afar, I believe we can accomplish so much more than we all thought possible just six days ago.
And that's saying something.
Here are the pictures!

Some little friends near our dorm.

The Duke Chapel was under construction, but still breath taking. My first time in such an extravagant cathedral!

Three of the gang: Danny, Maddie, and Hope.

The dining hall, reminiscent of Hogwarts. And I was not alone in this thought.

Core Sessions, where the work got done.

Canvassing around the residential area near Duke. I was a little hesitant at first, but the team was so go-getter! And it ended up that my partner and I raised the most donations! We were quite proud.

Full day of work and brain storming with the CalNev girls. Quite a passionate group!

Me, Hope, and Piper!

Laughs. Down time. Soft serve after a long day's work! Say hi to Victoria!

In the end the CalNev Conference came up with a...dare I say...PERFECT mission statement for our next two years as ladies of United Methodist Women.

We are diverse sisters united, driven by God's grace, to empower women, embrace all gifts, and take bold action against injustice.

Here's to August!
Here's to all the Esther's in the world!!
Here's to living limitless!!!

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  1. Yay, Kateri! Sounds like you had a fun and inspiring week! And an awesome mission to work on with your group! As they say, "You go, Girl!!". Love, Bev