Monday, May 7, 2012

A Day Off

Here’s to my first day off! What a wonderful day it was. And so I shall share with you…in a list…of phases. J

Phase 1: Sleeping in. Ok, that’s a given, but if I told you I “slept in” till 8:30 would that give you a better perspective? Granted the past week, which I have had off of school only, did allow for some sleeping in; however, the two people I share a room with typically get up before 7 am, allowing for no sleeping in time whether Kateri likes it or not. But today it didn’t faze me. Honestly I was so out of it, the whole thing felt like a dream. And sleeping in was great! Albeit till 8:30. But I like getting my day going so…

Phase 2: Breakfast! Favorite meal of the day, though I had frosted flakes. But hey, at least that’s my favorite cereal and there happened to be a mini chocolate donut left. So not too bad, right? This was followed by two episodes on the cooking channel (my usual) and then an episode of What Not to Wear (only thing I hafta say, 38C to a 34G? really?)*

Phase 3: Dishes. Ok, it’s good to be at least a little productive in your day off right? Plus I listened to Naked and Famous radio on Pandora.

Phase 4: Get dressed. Wore my new Forever dress that reminds me of Cher from Clueless for three reasons. 1. It’s yellow. Quite yellow. 2. It has spaghetti straps. 3. It’s short. And I wore it with a thrifted Levi denim shirt and a braided leather belt at the waist from my sister and Toms. New Toms, see?

Phase 5: Walked to Raley’s with computer, book, May issue of Elle Magazine, other random things, and towel in big bag. The walk wasn’t necessarily bad or anything, but I must say I can’t wait till the day I can move to a town where I am able to walk down a busy main street and not feel like people are looking at me like an endangered species or something. Yes, I am a girl walking alone. No, I do not wish that I had a car right now because frankly the weather is great, the store is close, and the exercise is refreshing. However, I do like to tally how many honks I get. Today I only got one. Perhaps they were too distacted by my yellow dress. My quite yellow dress. ;)

Phase 6: Bought a cake at Raley’s. Not a whole friggin cake, but the ones they sell that are like nice little 4x4” flashcards, packaged all neat and efficient for your individual cake consuming pleasure. I eyed the lemon cream with temptation, but instead opted for something a bit different than my usual. So yellow cake with chocolate frosting it was. Are you noticing a theme with the yellow here? I swear it’s not intentional.

Phase 7: Went to the park. I sat on my beach towel, kicked off my shoes, loosened my belt, and then when I’d taken enough time savoring the moment—because I could—I ate my cake. I feel wussy in admitting that I didn’t actually eat it all. But now I can brag that I am being a good daughter and giving the rest to my dad. And hey, it was a DGC (aka—damn good cake!) This phase also consisted of writing on my computer, which was different, though in a fun way, to do out in a wide open, sunny park. For any of you writers, this tactic comes highly recommended.

Phase 8: Really, the only downer to my day, I hate to say it, was that with the timing of my situation I had to walk home right when my high school got out. (Since graduation I’ve visited once and the experience was nothing short of weird, but that’s a whole other blog post) Basically the nostalgic angst flashback I experienced made me want to curl up in a corner with a Sarah Dessen book, which would be so much more enjoyable under just about any other circumstances. Nothing against Sarah though cause she’s kinda awesome.

Phase 8: Read at home for a while. The Girl Who Could Fly! More on that later.

Phase 9: Little sister comes in begging to wash mom’s car. Then comes back begging to have a water fight. I was currently enjoying my time on my bed reading previously mentioned book, but soon realized I had no real reason to say no. And so we washed the car and had a water fight. I tried relating to her that these kinds of things are supposed to be spontaneous, not planned. But who was I to talk, we had so much fun! (And I’m not just saying that because I had the hose while she had the little super soaker**)

Phase 9: Ate dinner. No explanation needed. That is, if you know my relationship with all things edible.

Phase 10: Wrote this blog.

Phase 11: Don’t ask me. Who’s telling what will happen next and, um, do I look like I can see the future?

Anyone have a good day off lately? Anyone have a great day off lately?

*They make G’s?



  1. OMG I loooove Sarah Dessen. Have you seen the movie of how to deal? My best day off was last thursday, 12 hours of marvel at Regal :D

    Do you happen to live by Ustach... I cant help but think this as i read. haha

    1. Sarah Dessen is great, but i haven't seen all her stuff. I'll have to look it up.