Monday, June 4, 2012

June Outings

It's a birthday month for my family!
And it's twice the joy because both my little sibs have a birthday this month. And actually, it's on the same day, even though they're years apart! Trippy, huh?
I've got some fun things happening right now. I'm working with the coolest kids at my church for one week of Vacation Bible School! Our theme is Operation Overboard (so undersea adventure type stuff) and I am hoping to do a lot of fun things for maybe wearing goggles or a snorkle!
I unleash my inner kid with stuff like this.
And it is so satisfying!
I kicked off the month of June with a SUPER fun day bike riding downtown with two of my favorite people on the planet. By best friend Emily and my cousin Melissa.

It is tradition for me to get a couple honey sticks whenever I go to the farmer's market. I suggest you try it :)

Made a necklace while Melissa made a charm bracelet at Beads of Contentment. I love that place! Though we call it "The BEAD store!". That's my "I'm a Hot Mess" t-shirt (with pancakes!) that I got from a store in San Francisco and my Texas called by Emily because the white splotches look like the state of Texas.*

At the farmer's market I got some artichokes and tried to put the hearts raw and shaved thinly into my spinach and mint salad (the recipe called for arugula, but the store was out!) but even my years of teaching myself to cook were not a testament to my artichoke preparation abilities. That and the directions were a bit confusing in my opinion. Better try again.
Pasta was delectable! Especially since I added way more cheese than the recipe called for (plus some extra mascarpone, which Raley's now carries. yay!) What's not better with MORE cheese?*

Oddly, I am posting in the beggining of June...yet it's quite drizzly outside. Really, I think it's a nice break from all the recent heat. We Californians need babysteps sometimes.

Happy June!
Happy Birthday Summer!

*Yes, my friends are creative genuises.
**ok now, that was a rhetorical question.

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