Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Much to Celebrate!

This time of year there is a lot to celebrate, and that's exactly what my family and I did this past couple of days!

It was my parent's anniversary on Thursday!

This was a trip we took as a family to Santa Cruz. Not exactly a romantic getaway for them, but don't they look happy?
They've been happily married for 26 years now. I'm so lucky to have them!

And it was a Happy Birthday for my little Banana and my not so little Lantern!
12 & 15!
15 seems like a big deal to me. All of a sudden the little brother who used to call his trucks his "frucks" is going to be driving them around the big scary world instead.
Banana, who is turning 12, is going into junior high, and whoa is she going to have those boys running! I'm suggesting my dad learn how to use a rifle or at least how to make it go click, click all intimidating. I find myself having endless heart-to-hearts with her about ignoring what everyone else tells her she should do and what she should think. And oddly, she listens...
She's either truly taking it to heart or she doesn't feel like arguing with me.
And I don't think I mind either alternative.

Of course we fulfilled our tradition of Mr. T's donuts. Mmm, I can still taste the iced cakey sprinkled morsels and the soft buttery croissants! Tastes like birthdays of old.

And some more pictures from our day. Did I mention it was the day after my parent's anniversary too? And on top of that, Banana and Lantern are exactly three years apart, born coincidentally on the same day. Gee, so many coincidences as well as celebrations.

And of course it WOULD NOT be a proper birthday celebration under my roof if there were no cake! That's five candles on top and two on bottom if you didn't catch my drift.

Happy Last Week of June!
Happy Reasons to Celebrate!
Happy Reasons Not to Celebrate...and celebrating anyway!

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