Monday, July 2, 2012

Friday Adventure!

Last Firday was not only an adventure, but a wonderful new type of day altogether!
My little sister Banana joined in on my mom's and my tradition of day trips to San Francisco, which we did, but before we went to the big SF, we took a little joy stop in Lake Merrit, Oakland.
We've never been there before, but have always wanted to see what we could find.
I did a little googling and heard some people say there were shops, but we did some asking and found out there wasn't any at all. Unfortunetly.
But the lake was very nice, the weather was nice, the view was nice, and, boy, was the Greek restaurant we went to very nice indeed! I am now an official fan of Greek! Modesto has Skewers and Papapavlos, both of which I recomend, and Oakland has Bacheesos! Ah, one of THE BEST sandwiches I've had. Also my first time eating Caprese, even if it was in sandwich form. That is a recipe in its own right I need to try!
After we saw the lake:
Firstly, we made plans to come back some other time in the evening when the strung lights will be lit and get our own taste of imposter Venice by taking a jaunt on the gandolas about the lake.
And secondly, we decided to go over to SF--we hadn't planned on going there originally--as Banana had some serious birthday cash she was dying to spend!
Lake Merrit was an adventure in its own right!
And re-experiencing the bustling, teeming wonder of San Francisco Union Square for the first time with my littlest sister was a different kind of adventure, but a great and endearing one nonetheless.


As for SanFran, I didn't get any pictures. Unfortunately.
We were mostly in stores and they don't let you take photos. I'll need to get some of Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf when we take Banana next time.
We had fun at Forever 21, Zara, and Mango though!
Till next adventure!

Happy Firday!
Happy Friday Adventures!
Happy July!

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  1. very nice blog... That was good idea to click the black and white picture ( ducks and boat riding pictures)