Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Memories on Memories

This past Saturday I got back from a three day stay in Davis in which I got to see much of my cousin, Linnea (Lyn-ay-uh), and her beau, Pascal (Pastel) ...(ok that's just me poking fun at his name)...(which I really shouldn't do, but we won't get into the topic of name changing...brings back too many memories*)

I didn't get as many pics as I'd have liked--too distracted with Linnea as I have not gotten to spend much time doing so in the last year, what with her going to UC Santa Cruz and me dancing.


Here are the pictures!

Linnea's little puppy (actually not, she's full grown) Abbow! Named after Linnea's pronunciation of the word rainbow when she was a little kid. So cute!

Downtown Davis!

Antique store!

I could never resist such a stellar hat!

The shoes I wish had fit...because then I would have bought them.

All these were taken in the gardens of the community Linnea lives in. It's such a wonderful little community of meandering paths, lush gardens, orchards, vinyards, streams, and of course the occasional little pond and bridge. More on this to come. :)

Past...uh...Pascal. The boyfriend. And his model for a girlfriend. What can I say? It runs in the family.

Davis Farmers Market is legendary and practically a religion for this family. I don't see why not. Best Thai food and popscicles I've had! The flavor I'm having is strawberry coconut, hard decisions between that and the thai iced tea sweet potato (sweet potato of which according to Linnea you CAN HARDLY taste...if that worried you initially) and avacado lime! Plus some delicious cheese, peaches, and croissants!

Cousin #2: Sylvan. We Ransoms roll with the wierd names! He was gone with my Aunt Sherri at a bird camp all week, but I got to spend Saturday with them.

A gorgeous painting of my grammy's; and with the proper accoompanimnet too.

Now THIS  is extra special!
One night when Linnea and I were perhaps ten, we snuck out in the dark of night with her soft pink blanky and lay down by this fence (with the garden to our right) and gazed at the stars, a thing I've endearingly loved to do for as long as I can remember. I don't recall who said it first, but it was decided, as simply as ten year olds can do, that we would never forget that moment.
I think there was a time when we sort of didn't remember our agreement, but we never entirely forgot.
And nine years later I believe that calls for a picture.

*I mean really? KaHarry? Don't even bother laughing...it gets so much worse.

Happy family times!
Happy playing!
Happy memories!


  1. Your grammy,s painting was extra ordinary. Superb. You look good in the picture which u had a hat.