Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shooting Practice

Last post I mentioned a "more to come"...
Well here is that more!
I couldn't resist that title for this post; however, this post has nothing to do with guns or ammunition or anything to do with bangs!
So, without further ado...
Linnea and I had some fun frolicking in the gardens around her house playing pretend as model/photographer.
Something we've done for a while as I love using every chance I get to snap some shots with my trusty old canon.
This time, I decided to stray from behind the camera and get some shots of myself. Now I'm as self-consciouss as the next girl. I mean, Linnea could be a frekin model and she hates to have her picture taken. But every girl needs to feel like a model for a few minutes in her life, right?

Here are the fruits of our efforts...with a little enhancing on my part!

I am wearing a blouse I bought thrifted in Davis, Mango shorts, and Charming Charlie cuff. Linnea is wearing a gorgeous dress from Modcloth; so many great dresses--I mean thousands!


I have two links for you!
It seems pathetic and pointless to be mentioning this now, but I had to write about my prayers and heartache for the victims in the Colorado shooting. As the stories of the 12 dead and many more injured pour in, my heart bakes a little more each time. And as much as I hate to mention this whole thing in side note, I would like to share something one of my favorite writers (blogger and author) Libba Bray, wrote, who always writes words worth reading.

Secondly, on a much happier note, here is a link to another writer/blogger I follow, Sarah J Maas. Her book, Queen of Glass, is coming out in August, and her 4 prequel e-novellas are all out as well! All wonderful and fantastical and totally kick-ass! However, I bring her up now not actually because of her novels, but because of her friend's Susan Dennard's (aka Sooz). She wrote a book too, Something Strange and Deadly, and it's already out! I bought my copy!
On Sarah's blog, she posted a contest in which the winner can expect tons of cool prizes, like a butt load of ARC's and also the chance to have your writing reviewed by Sarah herself and an actual agent as well!
Why not give it a try?! The rules are simple and posted clearly on her blog.

Here's to celebrating life!
Here's to the everday hero!
Here's to little bangs with big effects!

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