Sunday, October 7, 2012

Are You OK? Yes!

Lately I've been hearing the question,
"are you ok?"
a lot.
That is a red flag going up that, Kateri,
You are at your wits end and so clearly need to invest in some stronger concealer...
and maybe drink a few more cups of coffee.
Not that I'm walking around with tear sricken eyes and my arms stretched out like a zombie,
but it's enough to just, ya know,
But I am here to assure you that I am indeed ok;
this just means I'm putting some of my normal blog time back on the burner.
And really, this is me getting into that time of the year where I'm literally
Just. Doing. Homework. And dancing.
Ergo, not all that much interesting to blog about.
I will leave you with something a little more north of dreary than this, however.

I had a couple things come in the mail as of recent.
Don't you love when things come in the mail? 
Especially the larger things?

Ok, this wasn't larger, per say, but my joy in receiving it was of large proportions. Found these French guys (and gal) on the internet and FELL IN LOVE. My good friend is in the early writing process and is elated to have this album as the backdrop for her new creation. Can't wait!

 Bigger package! These I ordered especially for the Fundraiser (see previous post). Oh man, has it been a while since I wore a proper pair of high heels, that is, a whole 5 1/2 inches of proper heel. Like I said, big package. But if a girl is without a properly matching pair of shoes to go with her super cute dress then I deem that a perfectly good reason to go buy a new pair. And thank heavens for the marvel of internet shopping!

 This happened to take place during my hell-of-a-lot-less-stressful weekend, but I just had to post this because, ah, isn't it just beautiful? Have I mentioned my dad is a breakfast conniossure? Well, at least with anything that consists of at least 90% batter he is. And I am all the more happy for it!
We call this the Monster. Note: that name is best understood when this baby is just out of the oven and ballooned up like, well, a monster.
Here's to the first week of October!
Here's to advil!
Here's to monsters!!!
(That is, the edible kind.)

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