Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ballerinas Rock!

So the reason why there's been a whole lot of nothing out of Da Polka Bot recently has been because of a myraid of great things, all consumed, rather unfairly I must admit, by the complete craziness of my entire week.
The usual:
another performance!
This weekend marked another ragingly successful fundraiser for Central West Ballet! We rocked it!
No really, we rocked because the show was called CWB Rocks!
Clever, huh?
Well, when the first piece of the night is We Will Rock You by Queen, you kinda can't pick a better title. The rest of the night was filled with more great songs like (You Can't Always Get What You Want, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Back in Black) some original, some instrumental. In the end, I was sooooo happy to be apart of yet another fantastic (and rediculously fun!) show. Rumor has it that people have been asking for a fuller version to come to the Gallo Center here in Modesto. Hopefully we can make that happen.
Last performance, I gave a list of things that I thought best described my experience...
but this time I went the extra mile and got some pretty good pictures. I shall proceed to pat myself on the back, while you take the time to continue on and peruse. Heck, go ahead and oooh and aaaah if your feelin' it.

Ok, so I didn't actually get much of the venue, but here is a snap of the silent auction. My mom did some bidding on a few tickets. Hopefully we get them!

Love these girls!

We've been friends in this company for years, and now here's us all in college. So grown up!

I wore a Love Culture jacket, dress I got WAY cheap in NYC, and Steve Madden heels. (Can't see them here, but stay tuned.)

End of the night, time to go home and SLEEP! That's the costume I wore for the first piece, You Can't Always Get What You Want, whence I totally got my flower power on.
Here's to the second show!
Here's to more soon to come!
Here's to CWB!!!

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