Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Honor Of...

If you caught my last post, I just had one thing to say about it
and it is that lots of random things inspire me to write randomness,
that is not always necessarily in the form of poetry,
but the stuff always just sits in a word document and never gets read,
except for the occasional post on fb.
And those silly book facers don't know much about the writing-ness in me
A lot of them read this blog so I'm going to stop talking now.
But basically, I've decided, since I want this to be a blog all about me in general,
to post some of my (highly unedited/casual/for fun) writing with you guys.
So I hope you enjoy!

THIS blog post, however, is not about writing but about reading.
My best friend, Emily, and I are always hanging at the bookstore
and every time we go we...
a) tell ourselves we are not going to walk out with any books
b) oggle over all the books we really want,
but cannot afford
and should not purchase even if we did 
because our TBR piles are so huge
c) have highly tense debates with our inner conscience whether or not to buy said books anyway
d) hit each other with said books because we blame each other for dragging each other to the bookstore and forcing each other to buy said books that we don't need.
e) skip/run/frolic to check-out line and hand credit card to cashier with big, intent grin on face.
Can you relate?

Anyway, I actually wanted this blog post to be about those books that don't get bought.
Because when I'm at the book store, unregretfully breaking my book buying diet,
I am at least good about not buying books that you can
a) find anywhere
b) are new releases and therefore quite expensive
So I buy the cheap obscure book
And I'm totally OK with that!
But there are always those gems that, alas, do not get bought,
but are instead shuffled into the virtual pile of my goodreads TBR shelf.
So, without further ado,
here is a list in honor of the little gems that I tearfully did not buy today,
but hopefully will someday in the near future!
And hey, maybe you are not like me and have bookshelves that reach to the heavens and a bottomless pit of a wallet.
And in that case I highly encourage you to support the writer and the industry and BUY YOURSELVES SOME AWESOME BOOKS!!!

The first two I found in the YA section and the second two were in the Young Reader section, which I have been making a point to visit much more often these days. As I say, at heart I'm both an 8 year old and an 80 year old. And sometimes somewhere in between.

The Assassin's Curse, Cassandra Rose Clarke

Apollo's Outcasts, Allen Steele

Wish, Beth Bracken and Kay Fraser

Navigating Earl, Clare Vanderpool

Here's to random trips with Best Friends to the book store!
Here's to playing devil's advocate at the bookstore, a dangerous thrill indeed!
Here's to the ever growing TBR pile, may you be, well, ever growing!!!

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