Monday, March 4, 2013

The Latest Three

This has been a rare, and also wonderful, semester.
Mostly for the reason that I have gotten to read quite a few more books than I have in the past.
Wouldn't that make your semester more wonderful?
Yes, indeed.
So anyway, as I have been reading so many books, here are...
The Latest Three!

Crown of Embers, Rae Carson
Ah, this book. Just FYI, if I say that about a book then it was beyond believably phenomenal and I loved it and I wanted to have its babies. I have not felt such strong emotions from a book in a long time. Every time Carson had the opportunity to take Elisa's character/adventure one way--and make me a very pissed off reader--she threw a curve ball and made me want to kiss the ground at her feet. Basically, there are so many excellently well crafted parts to this story, such a perfect second installment to the trilogy. Oh and Hector? TOTALLY saw that one coming! But holy cow, that romance was way even better than I could have fathomed. Well played Carson, well played.

Cinder, Marissa Meyer
I thought the first part of this book was a little slow and a little predictable. The most grabbing part about it was the setting, which is good for me because I consider myself a setting fiend. Well, having that said, I really loved this book. I loved Peony, the romance between Kai and Cinder, the presence of the plague, and of course the thoughts that were explored regarding Cinder's being a cyborg. For being such a fun read, I found the story surprisingly gritty and thoughtful, and I love it when a book can make me do that. I can't wait for the sequel, Scarlet!

The Morning Gift, Eva Ibbotson
I read A Company of Swans way back in the day and loved it! It seriously became my new favorite book and Ibbotson my new favorite author. Well, since then I have not yet read anymore of her books, which made me feel a little phony about calling her my favorite author. But now I'm one step closer to legitimizing that statement because I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It's a romance, but a very well done romance. In fact, I'd say there's something romantic about everything about this book, which probably has to do with the fact that it's not written by a contemporary writer for young adult, which I think shows. Ibbotson luxuriates in her setting and her characters, side plots abound, and it all comes together for one final climax that is as romantic as it is satisfying. I loved being transported into WWII times. The cultures of Austria and England were so vividly portrayed and I've never even been there before. I can't say it enough, give this book and Ibbotson a try.

Here's to more time to read this semester!
Here's to more time to read next semester!
Here's to more time to read EVERY semester!!!
(School gods, do you catch my drift?)


  1. Don't you love it when I give you good books to borrow? ;D

  2. oh right, all credit for reading books goes to Miss Emily Sterner, as she lets me raid her book shelves in exchange for hugs and copious compliments on her hair and ability to provide me with food and cookies whenever i need. I don't know what I am going to do without you. :D