Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fancy Dogs

It is my humble belief
(and also Alton Brown's)
that the world is divided, that is the meat-lovers' world is divided, between the hamburger people and the hot-dog people.
That is, those who love hamburgers and those who love hot dogs.
I am a member of the hot-dog lovers species.
And proud of it!
Not to say that I don't LOVE a good hamburger every now and then,
but hot-dogs just hold a special place in my heart.
So this Sunday dinner...
for those of you who don't know, I try to cook for my family every Sunday night...
I went with the good old classic of hot dogs...
with a twist.
I used a resipe I got from Sunset magazine
(I freakin' love that magazine!)
and it's called The Surfer.
Sensing my last attempts to get in a little summer vibes as September quickly zooms past me?
Note: I am not a Mayo person, but mixed with Sriracha sauce it takes on a whole new purpose in life.

So I mixed the Mayo with the Sriracha and chopped up the scallions with the mashed avacado and cooked the shrimp and it was delicious!

And unavoidably messy!
Job well done.
In other (book) news, I bought myself a new copy of Jane Eyre, one of my absolute favorite classics!
I'm reading it in my book club class.
(Intro to short fiction and the novel)
It's the Barnes & Noble edition and I LOVE IT!!!
The feel of it in my hands is so right and the edges of the pages have been painted deep, plum red. There's also a little silver ribbon attached to mark your place.
Which I momentarily thought was a bummer because I also bought a new Harry Potter bookmark as my other one was way worn out. But quickly realized there would be plenty other books to use it for in the future.
Note: I collect bookmarks...just in case you were still wondering what to get me for Christmas.
Along this train of thought, I'm still reading Throne of Glass--almost done!--and I love it. Can't wait for the sequel to come out.
Please, shhhh, no spoilers!
Here's to Sunday dinners!
Here's to the yummy dogs!
Here's to weekends spent reading the best (looking) of books!!!


  1. yummy!

  2. Holy cow, that looks fantastic. I love hot dogs too, and I am going to Do This. For science.

    1. OH! Wise decision. :) But what scientific pruposes do you speak of? This quite intrigues me!