Sunday, September 9, 2012

What a Heel!

Recently Banana and I made a quick trip to Walgreens for school supplies and came across a $1 nail polish sail on Sinful nailpolish. I'd been looking for a good dark green forever, but especially now since Fall is due to arrive soon. Banana got the gray and sparkly blue, both of which I will surely borrow, especially since we keep all our nail polish in the same place anyway.
Last Chance, Slate, and Blue By You

Do you have those pair of flip flops? The ones that you've worn for so long they've molded to the shape of your feet perfectly? The ones that go with everything? The ones that make all the others pale in comparison when you think of how much you adore your good old faithful flip flops? These are mine. I've had these green O'Neil flops since I was in...9th grade? It's been so long I can't entirely remember.

So I bring them up because, being the "old faithfuls" that they are, I was in need of them today when I went to church. As I've said, dance has had me turning into a bag of bones--sore and painful bones. In that light, I happened upon my first blister of the season. It's on my heel and it's pretty large, but I'm too chicken to pop it. Which perhaps you're not supposed to do, but I'm a dancer and we rarely pay those silly kinds of rules any heed. So today for church I was in no position to wear the cute (aka the more painful) shoes that I usually like to wear.
When I refer to my flip flops as old faithful, I'm not kidding.
Wearing a thrifted lace top, Macy's skinny jeans, O'Neil "Old Faithful" flip flops, Charming Charlie Cross necklace, and F21 ring.

I love cross necklaces, but they often come way too ornate or bedazzled for my tastes. This one is tasteful and a bit edgy!
That is my favorite statment ring.
Here's to sales that make me smile!
Here's to seasonal change!
(Bye-bye Sunday school, hello sermons and regular youth group meeting/outings)
Here's to the "Old Faithfuls" in the world!!!

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  1. You had me seriously worried you were going to say that you a) couldn't find your flip flops, or b) they broke. Sighing a huge sigh of relief over here on your behalf! x Holly