Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Least Favorite Day of the Week

What's your least favorite day of the week?
And for what reason?
Mine is Tuesday.
Oh, you Tuesday.
You even sound the most unpleasant to me.
It's nothing personal really.
I've always said...
Tuesday lacks the refreshment of a Monday and the promise of a Wednesday.
But of course there is always one thing to put me in a better mood.
Especially the freshness of a brand new lacy-type dress like this one.
 Delia's dress and belt.

A little DIY I got off of the You Tube. I took the inner sections of a large button up blouse and cut them all the way to their ends. If you take each length of fabric and loop them once around each other (preferably showing the buttons like I've done here) and tie at the back it makes a nice little headband.

 But, of course, the best kind of accessory is a smile.

Here's to Teusdays!
Not because they are good or bad...
But because we are living!!!


  1. Dude, that smile sort of scared me. D: But it might be the crazy eyes. LOVE the dress!

    1. OK OK, stop twisting me arm already! I'll let you borrow it... ;P