Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life of an Almost Pantser

What a crazy compacted week it's been so far!
And it's not even over yet.
I wasn't able to do a Tuesday post so I took care to do so today (and for some reason I chose my other craziest day of the week...that is, besides Tuesday).
Last Tuesday post I talked about how much I am not a fan of Tuesdays, but such is not the case for Thursday.
Well I'd think that is obvious.
Tomorrow is Friday!
...and also my first Bio test. Meh.
Wearing: F21 top (borrowed from my sister, Banana), H&M shorts, Zigisoho lace booties, and an opal necklace I got for my mom in Australia a while back
This week has been jam packed with rehearsals (our next show, CWB Rocks!, is coming up so soon!) and homework!
I also had my first piece workshopped in my creative nonfiction writing class. It was so great! I loved hearing what nice things people had to say in response to my work, especially since they were people I didn't know, but I also really appreciated what criticism they had to offer.
I'll give you a little insight:
I don't always like (or feel the need, I should say) to write about tension.
Now, this mostly pertains to when I'm writing about myself, not when I'm writing fictional stories, which is what I mostly write.
But for this class we are required to delve into our inner-selves, our pasts.
Let me tell you, it's not easy, a real challenge even.
But I'm loving the challenge.
Even if it's making me explore my darker side a little.
Not to ramble much longer, but I also finally sat down to meet with a counselor and I've now got some even more exciting things to think about.
Some hopes I've been having for a while are likely going to be realized in the not-too-distant future.
While some others are deffinately going to need some rethinking.
But that's ok.
I can't help but think of a phrase that's popular with writers.
Plotter vs. pantser.
Do you write by the outline or by the edge of your seat?
I never really considered myself the latter, but now that is slowly starting to change.
And I have to admit.
I kinda dig it.
Here's to the plotters!
Here's to the pantsers!
Here's to all of the above!!!

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