Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Time with Vlogger

Happy weekend!
This marks the end of week two for me of both school and dance!
And I am seriously spent! This year I'd say has been the most intense coming back for me. We've started with three shows in the works, but right now we're preparing most for Ballet in the Park, our second installment of the free show in Gracieda Park in Modesto. It's this coming Thursday, Sept. the 15, at 7 pm and it's free! So of course if you find yourself in the area and not busy--actually, no. If you find yourself in the area make time to come and see Central West Ballet perform a grand, free show! You won't regret it.
And it's outside! So bring a picanic basket Booboo, something seriously scumptious, and enjoy. There won't be anyone to shush you if you want to talk and laugh and the variety of the pieces(Neoclassical to Rock and Roll) will have you hoppin' and applaudin'.
See you there!

Back in August I was asked by a freind I made with MJC drama to be a part of his friend's newest film installment for his youtube channel, AWSoy Productions. This guy, Mr. Andy Wong, is great and fun and I loved working with him and the team, even if for only a little.
Albeit I didn't get much screen time, but it was kind of fun to play a character whose role was so pivitol to the story, but was only shown in a few short glimpses.
Andy says he plans to turn this preview into a bigger production sometime in his future. And since he's already off studying film in San Francisco I'm sure he's going to go far. I mean, the time I spent with his well organized and thought out production surely was testament to that. This guy knows his stuff!
Here is enough talk. Please, take a look and enjoy!

Vlogger by AWSoy Productions

Here's to deadlines that make me work!
Here's to pushing through sore muscles because you know it's sooo good for you!
Here's to art for all!!!

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